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Some defining factors for excellence in schools

Let us first understand the meaning of excellence. The accurate description of it is rather difficult to give. When we see excellence in something, we appreciate it but how it can be achieved is difficult to find for us. One needs to be specific about what they are looking for in a practical and tangible way in order to demonstrate excellence. The students strive to achieve the set of values that define the parameter for excellence in Bodhi Bhavans, one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in South Kolkata. Here we will discuss some of them

1. Culture

The entire school authority practices and promotes a well-defined set of values. There is a distinct role of the students, staff and parents in our school as we constantly look for excellence and they constantly remind the society about their values.

2. Wellbeing

The ways in which different groups can come together and work for their mutual development are the determining factors for wellbeing in our school. The fulfilment of the collective and individual needs of students like psychological needs, physiological needs, belongings, self-esteem and self-actualization is the main aim of this.

3. Curriculum and learning

By the application of evidence-based teaching practices and innovative delivery mechanism, curriculum programs are set in a way to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of each and every student. Delivering high standard and equal educational opportunities to one and all is the target when the curriculum is designed.

4. Proper Infrastructure

In any school striving for excellence, there should be proper infrastructure. There are all modern necessities in our state of the art classrooms. We have the facilities of video conferencing, online classes and projector rooms. There are well-equipped laboratories where the students can get practical training in science subjects. They are properly guided by our experienced lab technicians.

5. Proper assessment and reporting mechanism

For effective monitoring, planning and reporting of a student’s performance to his parents, Bodhi Bhavans, one among the top 10 English medium schools in Kolkata, maintains the required capacity and resources. For all learning areas, regular parent-teacher meetings are arranged.

6. Measures for evaluation of performance

Our school achieves success in student performance as it excels in the above mentioned four categories. Across all learning areas, our students consistently achieve excellence. It is normally seen that in schools setting excellence as the standard, students are more likely to succeed.