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Discipline Rules

Prospectus, General Rules And Codes Of Discipline


Uniform and Dress

It is compulsory for the pupils to come neatly dressed in full school uniform, including school ties, socks, shoes and school sweater (in winter), as specified by the school, WITH PROPER CONVENTIONAL HAIR-CUT.


Punctual Attendance

Pupil must reach school before the ring of the assembly bell, failing which, they may not be allowed entry. Early departure- Pupils are not allowed to leave the school before the scheduled time for departure, except in cases of unforeseen emergency.In such case of emergency a written request from the guardian is necessary.


Note Books

The school books are to be carried to the school by the pupils everyday, duly checked and counter-signed by the guardians.


Books / Exercise Books

These are to be neatly covered by brown papers, with school labels pasted on the covers.


Attache Case

Tin and aluminium attache cases, plastic bags and shopping bags are not allowed in the school.Conventional school bags are to be used.

Prohibited items

Books and periodicals which are not allowed by the school, blades, knives and other similar items which might cause accidents, wrist watches, ornaments and similar fancy items are not to be carried to the school.


Tiffin / Drinking Water

Pupils must carry their own tiffin, drinking water in proper container, tumbler and serviette everyday.

Pupils are required to appear for all class tests and terminal examinations, in addition to the annual examination. Class test results are taken into account for class promotion particularly when a pupil is unable to appear for the annual examination under unavoidable circumstances. Reports of examinations and or class tests are to be returned promptly to the class teacher with guardian’s signature. Reports are not lent to the guardians on any occasion before the announcement of Annual examination results, unless the wards concerned take transfer. No separate certificates are issued regarding marks obtained in Class tests or Terminal examinations.
Guardians are expected, in the interest of their wards, to attend the Parent-Teacher meetings, convened periodically to discuss pupil’s progress individually. For unscheduled discussions with the teacher, guardians are requested to make prior appointments through the Headmistress in case of classes VI to X and through the respective Department-In-Charge in case of other lower classes, instead of approaching the teachers directly. Notes from the guardians, if, any are to be written in the school note book, or through separate letters addressed to the Headmistress, if necessary, but not in any other exercise book. Verbal instructions through our menial staff are not taken into account.
Pupils must compulsorily participate in all extra-curricular activities of the school as instructed, and in the regular games / P.T. classes, unless exempted under special circumstances, such as physical unfitness, etc.
Applications for leave or absence, with reasons, are to be submitted in the note book by the guardian and produced to the class teacher by the pupil concerned for counter-signature.
Minimum 75% attendance is essential for a pupil in order to be qualified to appear for the Annual Examination upto Class IX / XI and the Test examination of Class X & XII.
Any change of address is to be promptly communicated to our office in writing.
Guardians required to give atleast one calendar month’s written notice to our office, or pay one month’s fees in lieu of notice. In the absence of any written notice, usual fees will be continued to be charged.
Carrying of MOBILE TELEPHONE is STRICTLY RESTRICTED IN SCHOOL premises during school hours.