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Features to be found in good English medium schools

Searching for a good school:

Before you start to search for an English medium school where you can send your child and secure his future, you need to keep many things in mind. An English medium school needs to qualify many steps to fall under the category of a good school. A top CBSE school in South Kolkata is preparing students not only for their aspiring careers but also going out of the way to build an equal atmosphere where every student feels wanted and special.

A good school must include:

Inclusive and small classes:

A small classroom is the first thing that you need to consider for your child’s better progress. If a school has maximum 25-30 students in a classroom, every child gets the equal attention from the teacher. Thus, your child will never feel left out or unwanted. The teacher will interact with every child and each child will get a chance to show his/her talent in front of the class.

The special children also will be in there sharing the same classroom and will grow up together. This only happens in an inclusive classroom. In an inclusive classroom, a special child is neither treated specially nor is kept aside. He/she will have all the similar activities and exercises like the other children. This will make them believe in themselves and build up their self-confidence. Teachers will always keep an extra eye on the specially blessed child but he/she wouldn’t realize it.

Group discussions, games, activities will make the class more interesting. The size of the class will also be effective while teaching a lesson. Every child will get a chance to clear his/her doubts.

Skilled and experienced teachers:

Teachers play a very important role in a child’s life after his/her family. Experienced and skilled teachers will definitely shape your child into a better person. Teachers of Bodhi Bhavan, a well-known English medium school in South Kolkata, are highly qualified and specialized in their respective subjects. The teacher needs to interact with students and become their friends so that children don’t hesitate to clear their queries. He/she needs to keep a gentle tone of voice and a firm body language so that children both love and respect him/her.

Experiential learning:

You need to check if the school has embedded application-based learning with studies or not. A top CBSE school in South Kolkata has come up with new ways of learning. Students not only learn new things and ideas but also learn how to imply the knowledge in day-to-day life. It is a new concept which deserves appreciation. It makes a child more inclined to his studies and it appears to be kind of a game to him/her. This is how interest for different subjects is inculcated in children.

As for example, if the topic is soil, why not take them to the ground and touch soil? This will remain in their mind forever. Charts, flashcards are also very essential for teaching nowadays. Experiential learning contributes to the visual, audio, and kinesthetic growth of a child.

Sports and extracurricular activities:

The best CBSE School based in South Kolkata, considers sports and extracurricular activities like music, dance, drama, elocution, yoga, and physical training to be pillars of a child’s growth. These are very important chapters of a child’s life. He/she might be interested in dance or music or one may want to be an athlete also. You should always support your child regarding things he/she loves to learn.