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Why are Parent-Teacher Meetings Important for the Well-Being of Your Children?

Parent-teacher meetings are not just a once-in-a-year way for parents to comprehensively understand their child’s progress. These allow parents and teachers to have open and transparent communication. Experts from Bodhi Bhavans, among the best CBSE English medium schools in Kolkata, explain why-

Why parents should attend school meetings

  • As parents, you play a crucial role in your child’s life. These meetings provide an insight into your child’s school life. A parent-teacher meeting even helps parents to create a supportive home environment to make learning interesting progress.
  • It acts as a strong foundation for your child’s educational journey. 
  • It is an opportunity for parents and teachers to team up and work together. Parents learn about their child’s strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, they can find solutions together to improve in the areas where the child is weak.
  • Parents get to know about the school’s overall environment and infrastructural facilities. they develop a sense of confidence and trust in the teachers.   

How do parent-teacher meetings improve the well-being of your child?

Learning strategies

In these meetings, teachers help parents figure out various techniques to teach their children in an engaging manner. Different students learn at their own pace and have unique strategies to understand a lesson. Learning becomes interesting for some children when the information is in audio-visual mode. At the same time, some like to hear in the form of stories.

Sets realistic goals

Open communication between teachers and students helps parents set goals for their children. This can motivate your child to perform better and stay excited to learn every day. Parents also learn more about their children’s interests and pace of learning. 

Creates a supportive environment

Parent-teacher meetings are an excellent way to build understanding among parents and children. Information about a child’s educational journey helps parents to create a supportive environment for them. They tend to enjoy the learning process, and in this way, they learn the art of time management and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Tracks progress

Understanding a child’s needs helps parents to track their growth. This helps to incorporate different techniques at home to make learning interesting for children. As a parent, you can also seek advice from their teachers to use the correct teaching methods.


Parent-teacher meetings at CBSE English medium schools in Kolkata, such as Bodhi Bhavans, foster a supportive partnership between parents and educators. They enhance understanding of each child’s progress, strengths, and areas needing improvement, crucially contributing to their overall well-being and academic success.

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