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Top Cbse School Gives Tips on Balancing Study and Play During Online Classes

Bodhi Bhavans, one of the most reputed and top CBSE schools in South Kolkata, has always given stress on physical activities for students inside the school premises. Even this school has designed its curriculum in such a manner that students can balance well between sports and also study smartly.

But for the last year, the whole scenario has changed. For almost one entire year, the schools rather each and every educational institutions has remained closed due to the Covid19 pandemic. Same with the sports organizations, even the parks has opened up just few months back. Now in a situation which is unseen or unheard for everybody it was a real challenge for the students as well as the parents to balance between online classes and play time. In this hour of crisis the English medium school in south Kolkata, Bodhi Bhavans has come up with some easy solutions which are as follows;

  • Wake up early at morning – As the old saying goes waking up early at the morning gives you enough time to plan your day accordingly. Plus a 30mins yoga or walking in your terrace at home gives you the energy for the day and keeps you rejuvenated for the entire day. The rest of the day you can focus on your studies.
  • Make a colored time table – A well drafted time table gives you the key to success that is time management. Divide your time slots for the day on how much time you need to study, do your assignments and so on. Even you should keep time for short breaks. The colour will highlight the time slots.
  • Arrange for indoor games – Indoor games like ludo, carrom, table tennis etc can be arranged at home which will involve physical and mental exercises.
  • Properly set up for online classes – To keep your health intact you should maintain proper postures of sitting and keeping the laptop/phone so that hours of online classes does not affect your eye sight and spinal cord.
  • Maintain consistency in your sleep – A proper sleep of eight hours is utmost essential for a student to perform well in studies and games.

The reputed english medium school in Kolkata, Bodhi Bhavans has thus helped the students in balancing the study and games during online classes. Even, the virtual meeting with the teachers and the friends have kept their smile intact during the tough times.