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5 Tips to Handle Your Child’s Adolescence


Adolescence or the teenage years are the most memorable. The rapid change of hormones, bones and ideas in any child during this period makes the years ‘golden’ in many ways. However, it cannot be denied that this period comes with the equally rapid growth of frustration, stress, and tension for parents.
Therefore, Bodhi Bhavans, a top English medium school in Kolkata, brings you five effective tips to handle your child’s adolescence.

5 tips for handling teenagers

1. Educate Yourself – You cannot be a good teacher to your child if you do not educate yourself. Read books about teenagers to learn about the emotional and intellectual changes that your child will undergo. Mood changes and frequent conflicts are natural during this time, as your child matures and tries to form an identity of their own. Knowing about what is to come can help you cope with it better.

2. Communicate with your kid – Talk to your child about any concern they may have regarding their physical and emotional changes, says a teacher of Bodhi Bhavans, a top CBSE board school in South Kolkata. Answer the questions kids may have about their bodies, such as what makes boys and girls different or where babies come from. However, be careful not to burden them with information — just answer the questions that they ask. Do not put off these questions. It will only lead to the formation of misconceptions about the questions in your child. Share your own memories of adolescence. This will put your child at ease with their emotional and physical changes.

3. Think before you object – Your child may want to dye their hair, paint their nails black, or wear funky t-shirts and your initial reaction may be to ground them to their room. Think before you object. Try to understand why they want to look a certain way. You might also discuss how others might look at them if they seem different — help your child understand how they might be viewed. You can let them do something temporary and be a part of their plan. This can be fun for both of you.

4. Set Expectations – Set your expectations appropriately. Do not force your wishes on them, as they will only become more rebellious or desensitized to your expectations. Expectations like good grades, acceptable behavior, and sticking to the house rules make your child feel that you care for them. Your child will undoubtedly try to meet your expectations if they are reasonable.

5. Respect your Child’s Privacy – Like any other parent, you may be struggling with this one. You may feel that anything that your child does is your business. However, the teenage year is when your child develops an identity and personality of their own. Therefore, granting them some privacy will help them grow up to be an independent adult. You can, however, monitor them from time to time and look for warning signs. If you notice anything troubling, you can interfere and get to the heart of the problem. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to let them be.


Bodhi Bhavans, the best English medium school in Kolkata, believes that teenagers should not be put down or taken lightly. They are energetic, thoughtful, and idealistic and their only goal is to create a personality and identity of their own. If guided in the right way, they can become a complete and independent adult with their own mark.