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The relation between quality leadership and effective schooling

The first step in forming an effective school is quality leadership. If there is expert guidance of the head of the institution and school board creating a student-friendly environment with an overall positive attitude, students are more likely to perform well. The principal should possess such virtues that parents, teachers and students can trust him or her and feel that in every decision made on behalf of the school, he or she has the best interest of all of them.

There should be a clear picture to the students about what they are intended to learn and be able to do. Regular, innovative and achievable goals for the students should be placed by the teachers. They should also provide guidance on how to achieve these goals.

The teachers appointed by Bodhi Bhavans, a renowned CBSE school in Kolkata, are all qualified, dedicated and passionate about their teaching. There is a constant up gradation process of our teachers going on. There is always the scope of improvement in teaching methodologies and techniques.

An effective environment is the result of a safe environment. Purposeful teaching and learning can only be possible in such an environment. There should be mutual respect among students and they should always be respectful towards instructors. These will result in an effective environment.

Regular assessments can successfully monitor the progress of students. The teachers can identify the problem areas within a student through these assessments. In rating the progress, the data on student scores in schools nationwide prove helpful. According to the needs of the students, the teachers can also properly adjust their instructions with the help of these data.

How the students react in the institution can best judge the effectiveness of a school. It indicates that the school provides the best environment for the students if they feel relaxed, comfortable and cared about. The environment in Bodhi Bhavans, one among the popular English medium schools in Kolkata, is completely safe for your child. There is a homely environment in our school. There is a friendly relationship between our teachers and students. Our school has the necessary infrastructure for proper studies.

Our teachers play the role of educational leaders and for all students, they create a vision of academic success. They have teambuilding efforts and have a major role in growing a sense of unity among our students. This is the secret behind our students working together as a group on all occasions of our school to make them successful.