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Importance of extracurricular activity classes in CBSE Schools

Why are extracurricular activity classes important?

Parents usually fail to understand the reason behind incorporating extracurricular activities in schools. Top CBSE Schools in South Kolkata focus equally on both academics and extracurricular activities nowadays. For your child’s growth and overall development, extra activities are very important just like that of different academic subjects. Extracurricular activities like music, dance, physical training or sports, and elocution inculcate etiquettes and mannerisms in children.


Extracurricular activities improve the academic performance of students-

Students who actively participate in extra activities score more than others as those activities improve self-confidence and thus students learn better. They concentrate more on whatever they do and come off with flying colours.

Skills of time management:

Students learn to manage time and understand the value of time through these extra activity classes. When a child wants to focus both on academics and extra activities, he/she needs to bring out time to practice both. They learn to balance both and keep free time also. Whatever a child does is productive, he/she learns something from it. This time management skill helps students to finish their papers on time during an examination.


Students learn to work as a team. They don’t think of themselves anymore, rather they try to do better for their team. Teamwork also builds a sense of leadership that helps children grow further.


Children, who get involved in sports or music or dance, learn how to commit and do the work accordingly. They take part in particular things like sports or club activities that they are a part of and commit to giving all from their part. This sense of commitment is very important to grow in life as opined by one of the teachers of the best CBSE School in South Kolkata.