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Importance of Value Education-A CBSE school teacher discussed

Education is a vital part of every individual’s life. A child starts learning from his/ her mother’s womb; we all have heard about it. So, what does the child learn when he/ she is too small to learn academics? Yes, what you are thinking is absolutely correct. Our parents and grandparents try to incorporate certain values in us from the time we start understanding or sensing what they are saying. Along with being academically empowered, every individual needs to have values that he/ she would follow throughout his/ her life. This builds a balanced personality, says an experienced teacher of Bodhi Bhavans, a CBSE School in South Kolkata.
Value education:
Value education is such a subject that needs to be kept in all schools as it contributes to the personality development of children. Topics like loyalty, leadership, caring about others, or ethics are extremely necessary to be a part of the curriculum. Being elders, it is our responsibility to teach children about all these. Value education is not confined to this but something more. How sharing and caring help one survive and sustain in this everyday progressive world should be discussed with students, says a teacher of a renowned English medium school in Kolkata. As children spend a lot of time in school, the environment of a school must be enriching. Along with the growth in academics, the socio-emotional development of a child depends on how the teachers behave with him/ her. Like every other relationship, trust is the basis of a student-teacher relationship too. Respect is mutual. Not only the elders but young ones also deserve equal respect. If we being teachers or parents, do not respect our students or children, we do not deserve to be respected either. Value education also teaches how to become a true friend and stand by others in their tough time.
Bodhi Bhavans and Value Education:
Bodhi Bhavans is one of the best CBSE Schools in South Kolkata that treats academic subjects and value education equally. Each class starting from junior classes to senior ones, teachers take value education classes at least once a week. It’s a class where students interact with other students and also with teachers about the values of their life. Students share their thoughts on social topics, and it helps the teacher read the child’s mind. Not only the good sides of society but also the bad sides are discussed in this class. Teachers talk about good touch and a bad touch too. Thus, students get the opportunity to share their experiences also. How to deal with certain situations can be easily taught in this class.
Bodhi Bhavans has started evening classes for unprivileged children recently. They are not only provided with education but also evening snacks. This initiative has been shared with the student, and many of them have come up with new ideas to help those children.