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Attending School From Home Due To Covid 19? Useful Tips For Remote Learning

The Covid-19 lockdown doesn’t need any introduction, to begin with. When all the schools and colleges are closed, students are depending on online classes. In such situations, maintaining a positive attitude and sticking to a routine will help all the students stay grounded in these hard times.

Just in a matter of months, the Novel Coronavirus has rearranged the lives of all the students and their parents around the globe. As per the reports, schools have closed in 130 countries, disrupting the educations of millions of children and youth. Is your child one of the students of the best English medium school in Kolkata?

Tips to help your child stay healthy and make the most out of remote learning:

  1. Creating a schedule:

If sticking to a routine is getting tougher for your child, help him/ her to create a new routine. First of all, you have to set up a basic routine like waking up, taking a bath, and having breakfast. Apart from that, try to set up a routine for each and every subject as well.

  1. Set up a perfect study corner at home:

It might get tougher to focus on when a student is taking remote classes at his/ her home. Wondering how to deal with this situation? Teachers of the best CBSE schools in Kolkata suggest creating a dedicated corner for studying only. When you have purposefully designed a place to study, it gets easier to focus. Simply put, try to choose a quieter place that has bright lights and a peaceful climate for increased attention.

  1. Make sure a student can log into electronic sites:

As a matter of fact, one challenge many parents are facing is their child’s ability to log into various websites. To prevent this, you need to help your child with the login processes. For instance, Google Chrome is one of the best browsers to store all the passwords of important websites.

  1. Uninterrupted communication between teachers and students:

While your child is going through a period of e-learning, he/ she must be able to communicate with the teachers properly. If your child goes to the best CBSE School in South Kolkata he/ she is most likely to get all the useful guidelines and support from the administration.

  1. Explain the lockdown and social distancing to kids:

When in the middle of a situation like this, it’s quite normal for your child to feel worried, sad, scared, confused, or even angry at times. Nobody is taking this ‘new normal’ stage of life easily. It’s important that a student understands the scenario of the entire world first. Only then, one can stay motivated and focused while remote learning.