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Why are CBSE schools better?

Indian parents often get confused while choosing a good school for their children because there are many options when it comes to a child’s education. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a suitable school for your child.

Why CBSE board?

CBSE board school in Kolkata nowadays is in high demand. Parents tend to choose CBSE schools because of the structure of the syllabus and conceptual learning.

Student involvement:

Previously, teachers used to give lectures, and students were supposed to take notes from them. But now the whole teaching-learning process has changed. Now, teachers always interact while taking a class. Students are allowed to discuss the subject with their teachers. Textbooks are structured in such a way that students easily can understand and remember the topics. Students can clear their doubts if required.

Conceptual learning:

Top CBSE board school in Kolkata is focusing more on conceptual learning now. Teachers are trying to clearly explain the concept to the students. Unlike rote learning, conceptual learning is interesting and application-based. Teachers engage students in such activities where students have to implement their knowledge. The curriculum is structured based on real life. The knowledge given today by CBSE schools is related to our day-to-day life.

Extracurricular activities:

Teachers of Bodhi Bhavans, a reputed CBSE school in south Kolkata, give the same importance to extracurricular activity classes like that of academic ones. Extracurricular activity classes teach many life skills to children like leadership, loyalty, time management, and many more. The teachers aim to develop personality in each child and that is mainly possible during an extracurricular activity class. For example, in a music class, many hidden talents of students come out. Teachers try to bring out those talents from children and build self-confidence in them. Moreover, if it’s a chorus performance, students learn to keep harmony among them so that the song sounds melodious. Otherwise, things may go haywire and the song may sound really bad. CBSE board schools are trying to boost your child’s confidence and make them ready to face the outer world.

Focus on English:

We all know that English is widely accepted in the entire world as the language of communication nowadays. So, every child must know how to read, speak, and write in English. CBSE board schools start to teach English from the pre-primary section. Teachers mainly communicate in English and hardly in bilingual language. As children spend almost 5 to 6 hours in school, they adapt to English easily. Students who read in higher classes of CBSE board school in Kolkata are extremely fluent in English.

Bodhi Bhavans, a CBSE board school in South Kolkata, has set a benchmark and has built the future of many students. The teachers here aim to move towards an international approach to education so that students can cope with any situation no matter which part of the world they are in.