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Importance of co-curricular activities in school

It is not wise to confine education within the four walls of a classroom. The main aim of education should be supporting all round development of a child. The all-round development of a child is possible only when there is Intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development. In this, there is a major role of co-curricular activities, which are those activities which are undertaken side by side with the curricular activities in a school. We give much importance to co-curricular activities in Bodhi Bhavans, a famous CBSE school in Kolkata. A number of co-curricular activities are held in our school. We held regular excursions which help the students get a variation from their regular school life. On different national events throughout the year, we also arrange various cultural activities. This helps the students to learn more about these events and strengthens the cultural bonding between them. Co-curricular activities are beneficial for us in a number of ways. Let us discuss here some of these benefits.

  • Increase in Overall Personality

In order to make the students strong enough to be able to make them face the unstable future, co-curricular activities are very important as they enhance the all-round personality of the students. The experience gained from these activities proves beneficial for the students during internships and other sponsored programs.

  • Strong Self-Confidence

From co-curricular activities, the students get better fitness and various positive qualities develop in them. This makes them learn to trust the team and their self-confidence also becomes strong. In our best English medium school in Kolkata, Bodhi Bhavans, students take part in regular co-curricular activities and this is the reason behind the fit bodies and sharp minds of our students.

  • Development in Specialized Skills

Co-curricular activities give students an opportunity to develop their specialized skills. If the competitions are organized, a competitive environment is created. This makes the students be able to work towards the objective of achieving a better society.

  • Improvement in Academic Performance

The students who pursue co-curricular activities have been found to achieve better in their studies. There is much increase in their academic performance as they learn to balance their co-curricular activities with their studies. They learn effective time management and their interest in school also increases. The different activities such as participation in debates, drama, music, sports and others fulfil the bigger purpose of achieving a better education.