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What Are Advantages Of Choosing A CBSE School For Your Child?

Right from the time when a child gets started with his/ her academics, the dilemma of choosing the educational board becomes a main concern for the parents. The selection of board makes a notable difference and early development of the child and his/her exposure to the type of education system we have.

Are you considering a CBSE school in Kolkata for your child? It has become one of the main boards of education in India. Wondering about the beneficial sides of receiving education from the CBSE board? Read on the blog to know more:

Vast Popularity:

CBSE board has become one of the most preferred academic boards in India. It follows the national curriculum activities in addition with additional subject matter. Due to the reasons, a number of private schools have started to provide CBSE board education since lots of private sector employees started moving from one place to another. This specific board provides a structured syllabus which is also predictable and controlled. The best part is that all the national entrance exams are conducted according to the syllabus.

Maintains Uniformity:

CBSE board aims to operate a chain of central schools ( Kendriya Vidyalaya) that could be beneficial for the government employees who are dealing with transferable jobs. All across the globe, CBSE is affiliated to a large number of schools.

It Follows A Compact Structure:

The biggest benefit of enrolling your child in the top CBSE School in South Kolkata is that the CBSE syllabus is comparatively easier than the other boards. Students have to deal with fewer subjects and a more compact structure. A certificate from the Central Board of Education is vastly recognized throughout the country, in every college and academic center. CBSE board syllabus is more application based as it follows a concentric curriculum.

Flexibility Of Instruction Medium:

CBSE board approves both Hindi and English language as the medium of instructions. CBSE board follows a certain teaching approach and it has evolved a lot over the past ten years. The focus has majorly increased on learning through experimentation and experience.

However, if you are choosing the best English medium school in South Kolkata, opting for a CBSE school comes up with its own share of pros. The best part is that all the major competitive examinations are based on the syllabus. This board is more student friendly than the state boards. Make a wise decision while picking up the best school for your child.