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What is the nature and purpose of education?

It is a systematic process in which a child or an adult acquire knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. Education is the name given to this process. Education is not just acquiring some degrees in life. There is a wider aspect of it. One’s character is built by education and the base of education is built in a school. A major role is played by education received in schools in our future life. The education that we receive in schools plays a major role in our future life. Normally, people view schools as places of student learning but they have now begun to think of schools as learning places for teachers, parents, school support officers and members of the wider community. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) are the two major boards of school education in India. Among the CBSE schools in Kolkata, Bodhi Bhavans is a well-known name.

Nowadays, a person’s social status and respect depend on his or her educational qualification. If you are well-educated, you will get employed in a good position and be able to earn well. This will help you to make a better living and keep your family comfortably. But this is not the only purpose of education.

The true purpose of education

Education is the process of helping a human being in his/her pursuit of wholeness. The outer and inner personality of an individual is built by education. A person’s moral values are built, he or she becomes physically and mentally strong and becomes socially responsible. There are a lot of mysteries and problems in a person’s journey of life. Education teaches us how one can solve these in life. As you never stop learning in your life, education is a never-ending process. Making the people of the whole world enlightened and happy in the truest sense is an important purpose of education. If a person receives a proper education, he or she can also contribute to the development of his or her country.

In Bodhi Bhavans, a popular English medium school in Kolkata, our experienced teachers provide comprehensive education to the students. They not only teach them the subjects but teach them how to become ideal human beings. They develop a sense of morality in the students and make them learn the difference between right and wrong paths of life. We also coordinate with the parents and ask their opinion about our teaching methodologies.