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Essential Qualities of Successful Schools

The students of a school can become better citizens of the country only if the school is successful. Now the question arises that what we mean by a successful school. There are certain essential qualities of successful schools. All these qualities are found in the top CBSE schools in Kolkata. We will highlight some of these qualities here.

1. Leadership

The students will show better performance when the principal and school board members provide strong leadership. If any problem arises in the running of the school, the solution to it can be given by effective leaders. The school’s goals and visions can be properly explained to the students by the leaders. They can also enhance the skills of the teachers by properly guiding them.

2. High Expectations

The students, as well as teachers, should be able to meet high expectations. The student performance shows a positive effect when there is a high expectation from the students. In this stage of their lives, when the students are still shaping their personal sense of ability and esteem, the expectations placed on them act as a catalyst in bringing out the best in them. The teaching ability of the teachers also meets expectations.

3. Ongoing Evaluation

In a successful school, there should be a continuous screening of student performance and development. Assessment data is used by successful schools for comparing their students with others from all over the country. The effective use of assessment data helps the schools to identify problematic areas of learning at the classroom and school levels. This ultimately helps the teachers in finding the solutions to address the problems. This is always followed in Bodhi Bhavans, the best CBSE School in Kolkata.

4. Goals and Direction

In a successful school, there should the existence of goals and direction. There is effective communication of these among the successful schools and appropriate individuals.

5. Secure and Organized

An important quality of a successful school is also the extent to which it is secure and organized. In order to ensure maximum learning by the students, there should be a feeling of security in them. If any student feels disturbed or insecure for any reason, the staff members of a successful school try to make everything normal for the student.

6. State-of-the-art equipment and facilities

There are proper infrastructure and facilities needed for education in a successful school. These include well-ventilated classrooms with modern teaching aids, science and computer laboratories with the necessary equipment and a well-stocked library.