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How to Top in Exams – A CBSE Board School Explains


Ten days to go for the final exam and you find yourself sitting on your study table with mountains of notes to study and no idea from where to start and where to end. Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Among students, stress is prevalent and negatively impacts their ability to study and perform well in their exams.

Therefore, Bodhi Bhavans, a CBSE board school in South Kolkata, brings ten effective tips to prepare for your upcoming exams.

Ten Tips to Top Your Exams

1. Make the most out of your classes – Attend all the classes, pay close attention to the lectures and take notes while you are at it. Taking notes helps you engage your mind and enables you to find out what you understand what you don’t. If you do not understand a concept, raise your hand and ask your teachers. You can also make a note to follow it up later with your teachers.

2. Form a study group – Study groups can make education fun, easy and effective. Working together with your classmates will help you develop good study habits, increase collaboration in group projects and boost your confidence.

3. Create flashcards – Writing essential facts, concepts and definitions on flashcards can help you review them quickly. Flashcards also allow you to quiz yourself without the help of others. You can download many apps from the internet to help you create Flashcards in a snap.

4. Find a good study spot – Some of you may like the complete silence of a library, while some may prefer a busy cafe. Others may want to sit alone at the desk while others prefer studying under the open sun. Whatever your preference may be, find it out and study in your environment of choice. It will help you be more productive in your study sessions.

5. Keep switching – If you find yourself hard stuck on a specific topic or subject, put it aside and focus on another subject. Taking too much time on one subject can reduce concentration, says the teachers of Bodhi Bhavans, a top CBSE school in South Kolkata. The rule of thumb is to switch your topics and subject every 30 minutes to prevent learning fatigue.

6. Read and review – Studies show that we forget about 70% of what we learn within 24 hours. Therefore, periodically going over your topics is essential to remember what you read and strengthen your understanding. Make time after you return home from your school or after your online classes and review the day’s study materials.

7. Stay organized – As students, you may need to juggle several different projects and deadlines while preparing for your exams. Therefore, it is best to create a routine and study plan and stay organized.

8. Highlight – Highlight the keywords and important concepts. You can also make charts, diagrams and mind maps. According to the teachers of the best CBSE school in Kolkata, visualization increases the capacity to retain information and understand complex concepts.

9. Understand before you memorize – Memorizing is essential; however, try to understand the subject first. Understanding helps you apply new knowledge to various scenarios and know how it relates to other concepts.

10. Do not forget to take breaks – Taking frequent breaks will help you stay focused on your studies, says Bodhi Bhavans, a CBSE school in South Kolkata. The rule of thumb is that every 30 minutes you study, take around 5 to 15 minutes of break to recharge. During this time, stay away from your mobile and computer screen and do something active. Try exercising or take a brisk walk around the house.