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Importance of Assignments – A Top CBSE School Explains


For students, assignments can be defined as tasks given to them by teachers to write originality reports. According to Bodhi Bhavans, a top CBSE English medium school in Kolkata, assignments aim to evaluate the students’ grasp of the subject matter, creativity, and critical and analytical skills.

Students may have questions regarding the purpose of their assignments. They might think of why they need to submit reports when they already have a system of exams to evaluate their performance. Therefore, the teachers of Bodhi Bhavans explains the purpose of assignment work in a student’s life and how it helps in academic development.

Purpose of Assignments

Increase in Concentration

Assignments build concentration. The chance of improving grades through their assignment work motivates students to put in a lot of effort and focus while doing assignments, hence building concentration. The increase in concentration helps them in all learning activities, says Bodhi Bhavans, the best English medium school in Kolkata.

Enhanced Knowledge of the Subject Matter

Whatever topic or subject students are given assignments on, it’s sure to increase their knowledge of the subject matter. The in-depth research, which is important to develop an originality report, makes students learn and grasp the topic of concern and explore new interpretations.

Refined Writing Skills

Penning down their interpretations and evaluations of a topic and presenting it clearly and concisely within the word limit helps students polish their writing skills. Therefore, assignment works prepare students for writing on a higher level for college essays and thesis papers, says Bodhi Bhavans, a top English medium CBSE school in South Kolkata.

Preparation for Upcoming Exams

While writing assignments, students prepare for topics that are likely to be covered in their exams. Therefore, during exams, students will be able to answer the questions better.

Enhancement of Analytical and Cognitive Abilities

According to Bodhi Bhavans, assignments help students enhance and increase their analytical and cognitive skills by providing them with the freedom to try out new ideas and innovative methods to deliver their subject uniquely.

Enhancement of Research Traits

Assignments allow students to research and by doing so, they can explore various assumptions and examples about their topic.
Research is considered an important and engaging activity for the human brain to expand its knowledge. Asking the right questions, searching for the answers, analysing and evaluating the information and data gathered are some of the research traits which the students learn while doing their assignments. Assignments also help students improve their planning and organization skills.

Assignments are an integral part of Bodhi Bhavans curriculum. They are designed to help students expand their knowledge, creativity and analytical skills for a shining academic career.