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Piled up with school assignments? Here’s how to start!

School days and assignments!

These two have some inseparable bonds. Whenever a new semester begins, endless assignments roll into, one after another.

Whether it is a primary school or an English medium school in Kolkata, most of the students struggle to figure out exactly what they are supposed to do to tackle them with ease!

Do you always find yourself with too little time to complete all the school assignments you have on your radar? Are your tasks piling up one after another while your struggle of meeting deadlines is real? Do you keep losing your track frequently?

We, at the CBSE girls’ school in South Kolkata, understand your struggle and that’s why we are here with a few smart tricks –

Keep a handy journal

Whether it’s a journal, post-it notes or an online planner, make a habit of writing everything down. Making a to-do list always comes handy when it’s about completing your assignments. Don’t just rely on your memory as you are loaded with millions of tasks.

Mark your deadlines

Only keeping a copy of your assignments won’t be enough, you need to set your priorities in order to complete each task on time. Deadline is the biggest thing you hate about assignments, right? Every time you wish you had enough time to finish your history paper but the deadline was just unfair! In reality, the deadline seems to be impossible to meet because you lack proper organizational and time management skills.

Get it done!

Stay focused when you are creating a planner for your upcoming assignments. Prioritize your assignments and create a personal worksheet according to that. Put every work in the right binder and folder and label those properly.

Keep things in places

Time management is the biggest skill you need right now! One of the best ways to make smart use of your time is to make sure that everything is in a specific place. Everything includes your books, copies, files, e-journals, case studies and reference materials.

If you have things in hard copies, label everything up with their specific names. While on the other hand, if you have soft copies, make sure make designated folders of each and everything so that you can find things whenever you need them.

De-clutter and clean up

Make a habit of de-clutter and clean up your planners every day after finishing up your tasks. Take out just 15 minutes to tidy up everything just like cleaning up a kitchen after cooking (and making a mess!).

“Don’t ever procrastinate when it comes to sorting out your tasks and finishing up your assignments” – says the expert of a best English medium school in South Kolkata. Plus, developing time-management skills will not only help you in your school assignments but also in your future career.