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How to Make Learning Fun?

Teaching is not a one-size-fits-all thing! Remember when you were a child and kindergarten was a place to learn origami and have fun with the abacus? Well, so many things have changed so far. It seems like all you see now is how the education system is pushing the students to be ‘college-ready’ from day one of school.

How can we make the education system fun again for our children? The best CBSE board school in south Kolkata suggests a few techniques to help engage students in the classroom.

Connecting learning to real life

“Will our students use this in their real life?” – Ah, the ultimate question. Every teacher who wants to address their students is concerned about this. For instance, when teaching a science subject, our teachers try to introduce a practical science experiment into the class.

While on the other hand, for teaching effective writing in English class, we encourage our students to maintain a daily journal. As a result, our students can express their thoughts more clearly through their write-ups.

Introducing more engaging activities into the classroom

A reputed English medium school in Kolkata believes that students get more engaged in a new concept. Initiating a fresh take once in a while is highly required to keep the students glued to the lessons and assignments. When a student is summarizing a lesson, just writing down a paragraph or a lengthy essay is not enough. Every student is not the same. Multiple choices are great to better engage different students. Everyone doesn’t enjoy writing and hence the same approach doesn’t work for everyone.

Instead, the teachers can encourage them to-

  • Draw a picture illustrating what they learned during the lesson
  • Deliver a little, 2 minutes presentation in front of the class.
  • However, there are students who still want to write an essay to summarize the whole lesson and that will work the best for them.

Encouraging movement in the classroom

Let’s just face it, nobody enjoys sitting still for hours. This could be the prime reason students tend to get so rest-less. If the students are participating in a task, they will be more engaged and alert. The best English medium school in south Kolkata never misses the chance to add movement while teaching. It definitely makes things more exciting and lively for both the teachers and the students.

In a vocabulary class, writing the words down or drawing an illustration will go a long way. Taking the students outdoors for a lesson is a more organic way to process the learning.

Changing the ambiance of the classroom, moving the desks around are some great ways to kill monotony and mind blocks.

So, long story short, making learning fun is quite a challenging yet so fulfilling task if done right.