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Why School Uniforms Are Important? CBSE Board School Explains


Students with their bubbling enthusiasm for self-expression and vitality might dread the idea of wearing the same uniform for days on end. However, before throwing away the idea of uniforms, it is essential to consider the benefits which the white shirts and brown pants or skirts bring to a students’ life.
In this blog, Bodhi Bhavans, CBSE board school in South Kolkata, explains why uniforms are necessary for schools.


Fashion and designer labels create a perceived hierarchy among students. Whereas, the uniform dress code minimizes the inherent socio-economic competition and conflict.
Uniforms allow students to avoid concerns regarding designer brands and the cost of what they wear to school and they don’t have to figure out how to fit in with superficial fashion choices. As a result, students are more likely to act as their authentic selves.

Focus on learning

Uniforms help students feel secure about how they look and their social status. According to Bodhi Bhavans, a CBSE board English medium school in Kolkata, with uniforms, students do not feel the pressure to conform to society’s worldly expectations. They can put their energies into learning and studying.


Kids nowadays have their wardrobe overflowing with new and high fashions. As a result, they spend more time than required in deciding the perfect outfit to go out in. Now, imagine spending such time every day before going to school.

With uniforms, students know what to wear each morning and do not need to obsess about the ‘perfect’ outfit, saving a lot of time.

Promoting school spirit

Wearing a uniform stimulates a sense of belonging, loyalty and pride towards the school. Uniform also encourages the attitude of working together as a team. The attitude reflects when students represent their school at inter-school events, clubs, sports and competitions.


A child’s interest in trendy jeans, designer clothes and other high fashion accessories can be expensive for the parents. Therefore, school uniforms provide parents a low-cost solution, says Bodhi Bhavans, one of the top English medium CBSE schools in Kolkata.
Uniforms are affordable and parents can buy multiple sets for their kids. As a result, they will not have to waste time and money dressing up their child in trendy clothing to stand the test of worldly expectations.

Other Positive Impact of Uniform Dress Code

• decreasing violence and theft
• preventing gang members from wearing gang clothing at school
• instilling student discipline
• helping to resist peer pressure
• assisting students in concentrating on academics
• aiding in recognition of intruders.