“A School’s Wall Colors Play A Great Role”- Top CBSE School in Kolkata

“Be your own kind of beautiful” –

This quote gets applied pretty everywhere- be it a living creature or a non-living object- beauty lies in everything. Think about the house you live in. If it doesn’t visually appeal you, would you like it there?

The aesthetic pleasure of your surroundings has a big impact on the way you feel. And, the way you feel has a big impact on your attitude and current mindset.

Well, not only your house, the office you work in or the school your child goes to has the same kind of effect on the working/learning process and of course mirrors one’s progress.

Most of the top CBSE Schools in Kolkata focus on the aesthetic ambiance and how that impacts the students’ mindset- and so are we.

“My school’s pista green walls used to put me to sleep. I used to feel like all my energy is draining away the moment I laid my eyes on the boring walls in front of me. On top of that, the dim lights did no better to make me focus on my studies. Completing my assignments and learning new things was next-to-impossible in such a classroom.”

– Said Meira, class VI, CBSE board.

Children are usually even more sensitive and aware of their surroundings. This works especially for students who have specific sensory needs. The physical environment can make one feel motivated, creative, and mostly open to learn and explore.

Therefore, a school environment and its aesthetic appeal can be highly engaging which in turn draws in more students. It is the key to prepare students with a positive attitude to learn more. A school’s environment needs to be calm and relaxing but exciting and intriguing at the same time.

Including Literacy Themes in School’s architect

There are multiple ways to include literacy themes in a top CBSE school in South Kolkata. Wondering what is the need of including literacy themes? Well, these can delight young readers and inspire them to come to school every day.

The Right Colors for the Right Rooms

They say, “Walls can hear us”. But can they communicate? Yes, they can, through bright wall colors. It’s a great way to engage the growing minds. Bright walls can do wonders when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a school building. The brick-and-mortar space can be spiced up to a “happy place which oozes a happy vibe”. For instance, blue is quite a positive and bright color for the classrooms. While on the other hand, yellow can be the right color for the library walls.


Most of the CBSE higher secondary schools in south Kolkata are focusing on the aesthetic appeals of the school. As it is said earlier, aesthetics highly affects a student’s decisions, emotional responses and the way a student feels while being inside the school premises.