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Reasons for Bad Grades: Best CBSE School Explains

According to Bodhi Bhavans, one of the best CBSE schools in Kolkata, students may receive unsatisfactory grades for various reasons.

If you have been receiving terrible grades then understand why you can try to correct the issue and get back on track.

Here are some reasons why you may be receiving bad grades –

External Causes of Poor Grades

External factors influencing your grades are somewhat beyond your control. The causes include –

The subject is too complex

It’s possible that you took a course in which the subject matter was too difficult for you to grasp. You may find that the pace is too quick to keep up with at times. Another issue is that you did not study the necessary content in previous classes.

According to the best English medium CBSE school in Kolkata, if you experience such a problem, inform your teacher that you are having difficulties. Perhaps you can obtain some assistance with the lesson.

Inefficient teacher

Some teachers may be unable to explain things clearly to students. Some may not wish to explain anything at all. They may say, “You should have learned that last year, so I’m not going to explain it again.”

There are also teachers who dislike certain pupils, which can impact their grades. It may also be that some pupils dislike specific teachers and, as a result, may not cooperate in class.

Inability to bond with your teacher can make it challenging to get a good grade in the course, says the CBSE school in Kolkata.

But it is certainly not an excuse for failing the course. In such circumstances, the best thing to do is to identify why you cannot connect to your teacher and then work on it accordingly.

Communicate your problems clearly, and if need be, talk to the principal about it.

Difficult academic environment

Some students face a challenging study environment at home. Perhaps there is too much noise, or there isn’t a place to do schoolwork.

In this case, you may have to complete many of your studying and assignments at school or in the library.

Poor Attitudes Result In Poor Grades

These are the causes that are directly under your control. If you have a negative attitude toward school and learning, it might lead to poor or failing marks. Therefore, try to work on it as much and as early as possible.

Motivational deficit

You may experience a lack of enthusiasm to perform well in school at times.

One major cause of a lack of motivation is that you have no dreams of what you want to do or see no purpose in going to school.

To address your lack of motivation, try to figure out your passion and remember that, whatever it may be, school work is fundamental to your overall development, says Bodhi Bhavans, an English medium CBSE school in Kolkata.

Not doing homework

One of the most common reasons students fail is that they do not study or complete their homework. You may not like the idea of homework, but there are some proven benefits. These include –

  • Improves memory
  • Students learn to make good use of time
  • Students become independent
  • Students learn responsibility
  • Students get ready for the next day’s class
  • Students learn to use resources
  • Homework allows students to revise classroom learning and builds the habit of self-study

Miscellaneous poor attitudes

Some miscellaneous poor attitudes can also affect your grades. These are:

  • You want to punish your parents
  • Fear of success
  • Don’t like the subject
  • Don’t like school
  • Are bored