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4 Healthy Lifestyle Hacks To Improve A Student’s Life

Every parent wants his/ her child to live a healthy, successful and long life. Unfortunately, not everyone is very good at planning a healthy lifestyle and daily routine. Many students are there who find it difficult to maintain a healthy routine and a clumsy lifestyle often messes up with one’s academic performance. Therefore the best CBSE school in South Kolkata suggests following a daily schedule that involves both academic commitments and extracurricular activities. Gone are the days of all work and no play ( and of course vice versa won’t work either). As a smart student, you really have to strike a balance when it comes to living a healthy and prosperous life.

Food Choices For A Student

What? Doesn’t a healthy diet sound that thrilling? Well, it can help you stay fit and reduce the chances of diseases. Do you often experience fatigue, poor concentration, laziness and frustration? It might be a result of your unhealthy food choices. First and foremost, you should never skip your breakfast when you are starting a new day. Breakfast should be something healthy and not junk foods.

Staying hydrated is a must

Did you know human bodies are made up of more than 75% of water content? The liquid content is responsible for your overall body function. Therefore, you should maintain a proper hydration level and drinking up to six or eight glasses of water a day should suffice. Drink plain water instead of coffee, soda or tea.

Staying hydrated improves your concentration and it helps to keep you full so that you don’t overeat and gain weight.

Getting enough sleep is a must

While it may be tempting to stay up late to watch a Netflix show or complete homework, make sure you don’t get used to it. Sleep deprivation often leads to reduced brain function, headaches, fatigue and weight problems. On average, eight hours of sleep is ideal for a student.

Making exercise a part of the daily routine

No matter how much you hate it, the benefits of regular exercise are many. The authority of the best English medium school in South Kolkata explains that many students cannot stick to a regular exercise routine because of a lack of motivation. But doing regular exercise doesn’t necessarily mean exercising every day. Putting efforts to make little lifestyle changes can also be helpful. You can take the stairs instead of elevators. You can go for a walk after dinner every night. If you want to be serious about fitness, take up fitness coaching or join a self-defense class between your classes.

The best CBSE school in Kolkata suggests that all the students should lead healthy lifestyles in order to maximize their health, attention, focus and overall academic performances.