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Life After Lockdown: How’ll Be Your Child’s Schooling After This Quarantine?

You know that the Coronavirus pandemic is not going to stay with us forever. Well, it might seem to be unbelievable right now with the ever-extending dates of lockdown.

The Covid-19 pandemic, raging across the Globe has forced all the educational institutes like schools and colleges to shut down. When this has definitely saved millions of lives from the cruel slap of the pandemic, it has also created an educational gap like what you have never seen before.

However, most of the schools are supposed to reopen in July as expected by all the students and their parents. How will everything look like after the pandemic has touched upon every corner of human life?

Let’s dig deeper:

Are you wondering how will be your schooling after the school boundaries are open for you and all your classmates? Don’t worry your friends will look the same, your teachers’ faces will be familiar and the lessons will continue. But most of the best CBSE Schools in Kolkata will change their ambiance for sure. For instance, you will have study desks, spaced two-three meters apart. You might have to spend your lunchtime at your desk, instead of a crowded pantry or canteen like before. Wearing a mask and washing your hands at regular intervals will be must-do things.

Why Do The Experts Think Schools Need To Re-open Asap?

Taking note of the unmatched risk to children’s wellbeing and education, experts think that widespread closures of educational facilities posses huge risks for students. Especially those, who rely on school for their education, nutrition, safety, and overall health.

The role of a school is much more than just teaching:

A reputed English medium school in Kolkata does much more than teaching children how to read, write, and express their opinion. They also provide different services for health, hygiene, and nutrition. In addition to that, a good school also provides psychological support and mental health. That is why most of the teachers are worried about how it will affect the student’s educational outcomes and mental health.

In conclusion, the majority of both the students and the teachers want schools to reopen after a few weeks so that all the students can catch up with the curriculum. As per the teachers of the best CBSE School in south Kolkata, it would be really valuable if the schools can start performing in some form over the summer holidays.