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Top Traits Of A Good English Medium School

Are you one of the parents who want their kids to have a developing mind more than just academics? Most of the new-gen schools are constantly catching up with the constant changes. Top CBSE School in South Kolkata is coming up with smart classrooms, and advanced teaching techniques. This blog post throws some light on the important qualities of a good school before you choose the specific one. Eight most important qualities of a good school are mentioned below:

Knowledgeable Faculty Members:

Well, if the teachers are not learning properly, how are they going to educate your child? Remember, that technology is rapidly changing. The very display screen, on which you are reading right now, might become obsolete after a few months. Teachers need to get smart to be able to impart smart education. Otherwise, having smart classrooms with 4G WIFI is of no use.

Therefore, check whether the teachers of the chosen English Medium School in South Kolkata are knowledgeable enough to teach your child or not. Check the school’s website and browse through the faculty portals.

Learning Methods:

After you are satisfied with the quality of faculty members, you need to research on the learning methods followed by the school. For instance, most of the new-gen schools are coming up with activity-based learning. But very few schools actually ensure that the students are taking part in it. Schools must make sure that the students are learning everything with their full efforts.

Security Measures Taken By The Schools:

None of the parents want to send their child to such a school where the security factor is given less importance. You should aim to send your child to such an institute where there are adequate numbers of guards, CCTV cameras and so on. Being a parent you need to be fully satisfied with the security of the school. After all, it’s about leaving your kids more than six hours at a school. The saddest part is that a lot of schools don’t have appropriate security measures. You shouldn’t compromise on these security measures when it comes to sending your child to a good English Medium School.

Hygiene And Wellness Measures:

When your kid is spending more than six hours at school the surroundings need to be cleaned. Staying healthy is never possible if t the surroundings are not clean enough. A good school must-have features like a clean canteen, a clean campus, first aid facilities, and infirmary.

To conclude, are you looking for the best CBSE School in South Kolkata? Consider Bodhi Bhavans Collegiate School as it has rose to fame with the passing course of time. The school community has adopted many of the advanced features.