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Work hard to get better grades- A CBSE School teacher gives tips

It is not that easy to get into a good college after high school. Good grades are very important to get into a reputed college. Getting good marks only in the subject that you want to do higher studies is not enough. Reputed colleges also scrutinize your aggregate marks so, students need to have good grades in every subject.

A good grade is the reflection of your hard work, effort, and understanding of the subject. Good grades not only teach you the subjects well but also discipline and self-advocacy, says a teacher of Bodhi Bhavans, a reputed CBSE board school in South Kolkata.

Steps to follow for scoring good marks in high school:

Homework needs to be done:

From LKG we learn to complete our homework daily in time. Teachers and parents always keep harping on how important it is to complete homework. If a student can make it a habit of doing the homework daily, the hard work for sure pays off later. This habit will help a high school student remain up-to-date about the syllabus and how much it has already been covered.

Try to participate in class:

If you are actively involved in your class then your understanding of the concerned chapter or subject will be better. You need to be attentive while the classes are going on. Participate in classroom activities, ask questions to clear your doubts without hesitations, and try to answer questions that your teacher asks. One of the best CBSE Schools in South Kolkata named Bodhi Bhavans has experienced teachers who understand the importance of active learning and incorporate it in class. Nowadays, teachers don’t give a lecture, rather they prefer to discuss the subject or chapter with students and want all the students to participate in it.

Take notes and ask for help:

When the teacher teaches you a chapter, try and take running notes as those might not be written in your book. He/she might share extra points which would help you score higher than others. Taking notes have many other benefits as it improves your skills of writing, time management, and cognition. Another very important thing that you need to understand is that teachers are always there to help but you need to take the initiative to go to the teachers and ask for help. If you have any queries regarding any subject, feel free to go to the subject teacher and clear your doubts.

Create your routine:

You are your own best critic. You know what your strengths and weaknesses are. So work on it and make a study schedule for yourself. If you remain confused and puzzled about when to read and what to read then it will be a barrier in the path of your success. So, go forward methodically and make a routine that will help you to focus on all the subjects, opines a high school teacher of CBSE board in South Kolkata.