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What Are Pros Of Studying In An English Medium School?

When it comes to primary education in India, There is a huge debate and discussion for decades regarding the best education medium. There is a large section of population which thinks English is the best medium of delivering information and knowledge as it is accepted worldwide.

Mother tongue or regional language is certainly an effective way of education but the pros of studying in an English medium school in South Kolkata are huge.

English Is The Most Widely Spoken Language

It goes without saying that English is the most widely spoken language throughout the world. When a kid gets the primary education in English, his/her communication skill certainly increases for the long run.

Technologies Are Used Only With English Instructions

Most of the modern technologies are made for the global clientele. Most of the technologies are constantly modified and there is no other language substitute. In order to make your child updated and tech-savvy an early introduction to the global language is a must.

Emphasize On English Language For Higher Education

The main focus of enrolling your child in an English medium school in Kolkata is that most of the higher education modes follow this language. Majority of the classes are taken in English medium.

English Language Takes One Far Ahead In The Work Front:

Why do you educate your child? Isn’t it for a better and bright future? These days, most of the job interviews are taken in English. Every organization wants their candidates to speak clear English.

Learning Both Speaking And Learning:

While speaking fluently in English is a must, writing in English is also very important for today’s generation. A strong career base must be made from a very early age. Send your child to a school where entire communication is taught in English.

Learning English To The Core:

Learning it only as a subject and learning every subject in English has a huge difference. Learning it only as a subject comes up with little scope of learning. However, learning every subject in English makes a child more confident about the language.

Thinking In English:

In the English medium schools, students are highly encouraged to communicate in English with friends and teachers. Along with increasing the scope to learn more, one gets rid of the practice of thinking it in mother tongue and translating it to English.

Being Able To Connect With The Rest Of The World

English is such a language which makes a student communicate and be on par with the entire world. In this digital era everyone is aware of what is happening across the world. Lack of English knowledge or only knowing the mother tongue doesn’t help a student to progress with the rest of the world.