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If a CBSE School Doesn’t Have These Features; It’s Not worth Your Time

Choosing a good CBSE School has never been easy for anyone. CBSE has become one of the most preferred curriculums in India. Are you one of the parents who prefer CBSE schooling for their children? But only the facilities and legacies are not enough. You have to look beyond these and watch out the implementation of the curriculum, structure of the syllabus instead.

However, let’s look at all these points which make your search for a better CBSE school easy.

Affiliation Affirmation

In the first place, you need to make sure that the CBSE schools in South Kolkata adhere to NCERT prescribed rule book. There are lots of schools that are there as an affiliated institution. Often the time comes when these institutions might fake their identity with no affiliation to the board. Put on your researcher’s caps and figure out those ‘fake stars’.

Subjects and the options:

Hundreds of Top CBSE Schools in Kolkata come up with multiple subjects and various languages based in their zones. First of all, you must have a clear understanding of the subjects and the language you want your child to study. In common, curriculum shift usually happens in the secondary level of education.

Care for co-curricular activities:

Any school must have this quality to stay ahead in the game in the long run. No fun and all study usually don’t help a student in the long run. Furthermore, a top school must let a student to indulge in some playful and fun activities. Most of the famous CBSE schools prescribe multiple activities like team building activities, group discussion, and ice-breaking sessions and so on.

Institution and the reputation:

First of all, there are a few important questions which are must-ask ones. For example, how great is the school? what is it known for? how is the legacy attached to it? Are there any big names associated with it?

Undoubtedly, a big name matters when you are looking for a reputed school. A school’s history and brand value speaks for itself.

To conclude, finding the best CBSE girls’ school in South Kolkata is never possible without doing some research. You have to tally between multiple schools before making the final choice. Check out all the options and create a list of the best CBSE Schools. Bodhi Bhavans Collegiate School has risen to fame over the years.