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What Are The Best Features To Look For In A CBSE School?

Have you started thinking about sending your child to a private school? Perhaps you are spending a lot of time reviewing the school websites. As you do that, consider the private school website as an opening window. Once you get an overall idea, get to the next stage of the school searching procedure. Look for the below-mentioned features which every CBSE girls school in south Kolkata should have.

  • Small Classes:

Every private school should be highly concerned with prioritizing individual student’s growth. A class size of 25-30 students allows plenty of interaction with the teacher. Interaction is one of the critical features which you must consider while sending your child to a private high school. Some students prefer to sit on the edges and observe rather than taking part. A small class brings students together into activities and discussions. That is how a teacher can measure how each student is doing.

  • High Qualified Teachers:

First of all, make sure that the faculty members are enough efficient when you are looking forward to sending your child to the best CBSE school in South Kolkata. For instance, if a teacher is teaching physics, he/she must have a specialization in that particular subject. Having a master’s degree in those subjects completes the package. Along with the teacher’s qualification, one’s experience in teaching the subject also matters.

  • A Sense Of Community:

In a private school, a sense of community is something that you feel and experience. A school either has it or lacks it. Private school faculty and administrators usually make it a top priority because it helps a student learn so many life lessons. Most of the private schools aim to produce graduates who are well aware of the world around them. Most importantly, students learn how to value the rights and opinions of others.

  • Extracurricular Activities:

First and foremost, extracurricular activities help the students to learn new skills. Most private schools feel this is a critical part of the learning mission. Unlike public schools, most private school teachers consider these activities as one of their duties.

In conclusion, whenever you are scrolling through the credentials of Top CBSE Schools in Kolkata, look for the above-mentioned features. Choosing the right private school takes a lot of time. You should take your time as you are looking for the best solution for your child’s future. If you are facing difficulties in finding out the best school, consider Bodhi Bhavans Collegiate School which is quite popular.