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Useful Tips to Improve English

“Oh God, I don’t know what’s more difficult, life or the English language.” – Johnathan Ames

Well, he is not alone in this. There are a million students who would agree with him. Would not you? There is one word with multiple meanings and there is another word whose meaning you can’t comprehend at all. Assent, accent and ascent sound the same but have different implications. Novel means both new and a book. Now, it can be a bit confusing and unclear at times but you will love it once you get hold of it.

English is the second most spoken language in the world. This one sentence establishes the importance of learning fluent English. It is instrumental in international communication andthe business world. Also, it gives you access to a host of entertainment stuff which is produced in English. The present scenario calls for even more of it. Because, the world has become a global village or in simple words, boundaryless. Thus, sooner or later you must work on improving your English. Why not start immediately!

English Medium School

First of all, get enrolled in English medium school in Kolkata. Here, you will be encouraged to communicate and interact in English. This will enhance both your written and oral English. Also, when you study Shakespeare or Keats, you will instantly become fond of it as they teach you so much. Good schooling can take you miles and turn you into an aficionado from an amateur in English.

Read and Keep Reading

Develop a daily habit of reading and set goals. Start small, say 2 pages each day and increase it gradually. This will broaden your vocabulary and you will learn new phrases. In addition, it will empower you to express yourself more clearly and confidently. Teachers at a CBSE girls school in South Kolkata suggest reading either classic storybooks or newspapers.

Watch English Content

On a personal note, it is a request to start watching movies and shows in English. At first, you can see it with subtitles but do away with them subsequently. When you hear the actors speak, you will learn the pronunciation of different words. Classic movies and shows help cultivate humour, sarcasm and sense of language usage.

Participate in debates and elocution contests

If you have a greater fear than speaking English, it is probably public speaking. But, have you ever noticed that the root cause of this fear is that you are not fluent in English? If you think deeply about it, you will realise that you stay far from debates because you stammer while speaking English. The solution to improving the situation is doing the exact opposite of what you usually do. You should participate in debates in an English medium school in South Kolkata. This will help improve your spoken English and communication skills.

Refer a Dictionary

Whenever you come across jargon or difficult words, quickly refer a dictionary to find out its meaning. This might seem like a futile exercise to you. But, psychology says when you hear a new word, you tend to use it immediately. It’s a way of your mind to remember that word for a long time with the technique of repetition. Therefore, keep a dictionary handy always while watching a movie or reading a book/newspaper.

See, it seems so simple and easy now, doesn’t it? Follow the above mentioned tips and become a pro in English.