Importance of Student Safety in School

Students can look forward to being in an encouraging environment if there is proper safety in school. They feel at risk when there is a lack of basic safety in school. They cannot concentrate properly on their studies and other extracurricular activities. To give the students an open space to explore, learn and grow, the top CBSE school in Kolkata ensure student safety. If there is violence in the school, it affects the students a lot. A student may witness violence acts now and then during school life even if he/she is not the actual victim of violence in school. This affects the student’s studies and he/she may not perform well in the class. Many factors threaten student safety in school and the authorities should deal with them properly.

Digital threat

There is an essential need for better understanding and promoting safe internet usage as the use of technology in teaching students is continuously increasing. There is always a risk of students getting into trouble from unknown sources on the internet. While teaching in the class using computers, the teachers must be careful not to accidentally expose any content that can be inappropriate or disturbing for the students. A CBSE school in Kolkata gives the same importance to online safety as physical safety.

Increased violence in schools

If incidents of violence take place in a school, it adversely affects the students. Sometimes incidents happen where some students are attacked by others. This makes the school a fearful place for the students, who try to avoid going to school.

These are only some of the factors which create a fearful environment for students in school. However, the school authorities should take care of a few things to create a safe environment for the students.

  • The wandering of any student or students in the school premises without any guard should be a strict no. It’s not at all safe, especially when the campus is relatively empty.


  • The authorities must strictly follow the school timings. It is best to keep early school timings so that the students can safely reach home.


  • There are in-house transport facilities of many schools such as a reputed English medium school in Kolkata. It is a good way to ensure student safety. A staff member of the school must also be present in each vehicle and there should also be the system of counting the number of students in each vehicle.


  • The installation of CCTV cameras is extremely crucial for the safety of students. The staff members of the school can easily track the movement of students within the school premises with these cameras. They can take the necessary steps if they find any suspicious activity.


Some reputed CBSE school in Kolkata have initiated the use of own mobile applications. Through these, the parents of the students can contact the school management and get information about their children.