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Students And Technology- Protecting The Young Eyes

Well, technology and children are practically inseparable these days. Well, think about the current situation of the students right now. The Coronavirus outbreak has totally disrupted most of the student’s routine. Most of the schools are shut down. Attending an online class has become the new school for many students of reputed boards.

Therefore, it is quite clear that most of the children are spending their time while looking at the computer screen these days. Are you one of them? Do you spend half of your day while staring at the LED screens of tablets, computers, or smartphones? Being a brilliant student of a reputed CBSE school in Kolkata must have a lot of pressure on you.

Risks associated with too much ‘staring at the screen’

Well, when you are aiming for a bright future, you have to take full care of your overall health. No topper is able to score well without hard work but your life needs a balance too. When you need to complete all your projects within the set time, you might end up delaying it. Therefore, you might end up seating in front of the computer for a long span. As a result, you might experience the below-mentioned things.

Computer Vision Syndrome-

Well, this condition mainly happens due to the digital eye strain. When you are not limiting your screen sharing times, you might start facing a group of syndromes. For instance, you will start experiencing dry eyes, tired eyes, fatigue, headache, and fluctuating vision. Along with that, neck, shoulder, and back pain are the usual symptoms of computer vision syndrome. So what are the way outs? Computer glasses and blue light glasses can be your ultimate savior.

Unhealthy Body Posture:

Are you using a digital device for a long span of time? Do you tend to slouch inward and then tilt your head back? This unhealthy posture is medically termed as turtling. It leads to computer vision syndrome or non-visual syndrome. Most of the students of the top CBSE schools in Kolkata have fallen victim to this.

What Can You Do As A Solution?

Well, as a tech-savvy student you can’t stop using modern technologies. But there are some easy things you can do to decrease the risks.

Take Frequent Breaks:

One of the best ways to reduce your risk of digital eye strain is t follow the ’20-20-20’ rule. Didn’t you know about this yet? Most of the popular English medium schools in Kolkata suggest this. After every 20 minutes of studying, you have to take your eyes off the screen and focus on some object which is 20 feet away. Stare at this object for 20 seconds and you are good to go back to staring ( haha studying).