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Tips to study for long hours- By top CBSE school in South Kolkata

Tips to study for long hours- By top CBSE school South Kolkata

When exams are near, it is important to train oneself to study for long hours. This will not only help the student to score good marks in their exams but also study effectively. For this reason, we have listed below some tips by thetop CBSE school South Kolkata that will help students to study for long hours.

How to study for long hours? Tips by top CBSE school in South Kolkata


1. Setting a goal

To study for long hours, you must have a clear goal, says the best CBSE school in South Kolkata. For instance, the students must focus on chapters that will be more scoring and topics that interest them. Moreover, students must also take up chapters where they are lagging behind and set a practical schedule to complete them.

2. Create a focused environment

Studying for long hours means that the student needs to eliminate all distractions. So, you have to look for a place or create an environment where you can study for a long time without any disturbance.

3. Taking breaks

After doing any work for a long period of time, we feel tired. The same applies to studying. It is important to take short breaks where the student is able to have some rest. But, it is also necessary to keep a timer when you are having breaks so that you do not get carried away.

Taking breaks is also a good way to reward yourself when you are studying for long hours. If you study for five hours, then take a half an hour break where you can reward yourself with a walk or stroll in the open air. Also, you can do that when you have achieved the target that you had set for the day of studying some chapters within that five hours.

4. Study actively

Sometimes when a student studies for long hours, they study passively, says a CBSE school in Kolkata. This means that they do not retain much that they study during those hours. To study in an effective way, it is better to make notes where the student can highlight the concepts that they learn while studying different chapters. These highlighted points will help to prepare well for their exams. It is because the student goes through the notes and the highlighted points to recollect what they studied.

You can follow these tips to study for hours without feeling tired. In addition, these tips will also help you become a more dedicated and hardworking student.