A Guide To Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style?

Have your child just started his/her school days? Are you doubtful whether your child finds the courses interesting or not. Don’t worry! There are lots of creative and new ways to learn about what grabs the attention of your child.

Every child is different and special. There are multiple ways to bring out the specialty of your child. First and foremost, have you selected the best school for your child? If you live in a metro city like Kolkata, make sure that you have got your child enrolled in the top CBSE School in Kolkata.

According to the educational experts, if your child’s foundation is strong enough, the future will always remain strong without a doubt. Along with that, your child’s future depends on the right education at the primary level.

Classifying the types of learners

There are multiple kinds of learners – auditory, visual, written or verbal. While the style and process of learning differ in all these children, the goal of everyone is the same – a bright future. That is why; an ideal teacher’s motive should be incorporating knowledge in innovative and creative manners.

How to determine your child’s learning style?

There are 3 main learning styles –

  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Writing/Reading

However, there are students who use a combination of the above mentioned tools. But in most of the cases, any one of those works best for an individual.

Did you know what makes the difference between a bright and an average student? It’s using the right study methods which work for the individual. By identifying your child’s learning style, your child’s teachers should choose effective study methods which compliment your child’s strength rather than working against him/her.

The faculty of the best CBSE School in Kolkata believes that there is not always one right answer. Your child may fall into more than one learning style category. The best way to figure out how your child learns best is to try different methods and see what works for your child and what doesn’t.

Here are some useful methods for you to sort out your child’s learning style-

Is your child a visual learner?

  • My child is great at visual activities like arts
  • He/she is good at recalling and recognizing people, places and words
  • My child enjoys books that has illustrations like pictures, graphs and maps
  • He/she is very interested in the objects and world around him/ her.

Is your child an auditory learner?

  • My child excels at auditory activities like music
  • He/she frequently hums, sings and he/she is very talkative even while doing schoolwork
  • My child is good with following verbal instructions
  • He/she enjoys having and talking conversations with others
  • My child listens to all the instructions before starting a task

Is your child a reading/writer learner?

  • My child often writes things down while working on a task
  • He/she enjoys reading books
  • My child is good at remembering the things he/she has read

Once the English medium school in Kolkata has identified the specific learning style of your child, the teachers will be able to teach your child effectively.