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The Role of Good Schooling

Our lives wouldn’t have been beautiful, lovely, satisfactory and successful if we didn’t get good schooling. It is not only important for an individual to get good schooling, but it is also necessary for society. The processes of shaping our characters, moulding of our mental attitudes and fashioning of the basic principles of life are done in our schools. The preparation for the future life filled with challenges and obstacles begin in the school life itself. Our student days at the top CBSE schools in Kolkata are perhaps the happiest days of our lives. We learn to work together in our school days. We study together, play together and also solve the problems that arise.

Effects of Good Schooling on a Child

1. Develops the Inborn Potentialities

The child learns to develop the inborn potentialities in school that provides scope for development.

2. Modifies the Behaviour

Through learning and through different modes of education, schooling helps to modify the behaviour.

3. Helps in Overall Development of a Child

The overall development of a child is the aim of schooling. This includes physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development.

4. Prepares for the Future Life

The child can earn own livelihood getting proper education after completion of schooling. It should be made sure that the education imparted is according to the own interest of the child.

5. Develops Personality

Studying in English medium schools helps in developing the whole personality of the child.

6. Socializes the Child

Reasoning and thinking powers have made humans different from beasts. With the help of education, a human tries the best to adjust to the environment.

7. Builds Character

The foundation of becoming responsible adults is built in school. For the students, the teachers are role models and can provide examples of good character every day in the classroom. Through planned actions and activities in the classroom, character building can also be done.

8. Teaches the Skills of Dealing with the Environment

There are different students with different attitudes and character in the school and a child has to deal with them. This helps a child in dealing with the world in the future.

9. Achieves Self Realization & Self Sufficiency

The students are able to realize their full potential in the CBSE board schools either by the help of the teacher or friends. This makes them learn to be sufficient with what they have.

10. Makes the Child Civilized

There are students of different religions, castes, social statuses, etc. in a school. A child becomes friend with them and learns to be socialized and civilized.