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Choose the best CBSE affiliated school for your child

Why CBSE school?

Admitting your child to a good school contributes to your child’s overall growth. Nowadays, there are so many schools that parents get confused about which school to opt for. There are many important factors which you need to keep in mind before choosing a school for your child. The best factors and advantages are found in CBSE-affiliated schools. South Kolkata is blessed with a renowned school called Bodhi Bhavan which is producing brilliant students since 1997. CBSE schools not only provide quality knowledge to children but also ensures both physical and mental magnification of the students. CBSE board has a curriculum that includes all the contemporary information and focuses on the important past too.


The teachers of top schools are qualified enough and are specialists in their concerned subject. They are friendly which makes the students comfortable. Students don’t hesitate to clear their doubts. If there is a lag in any subject, they help the students to recover and rectify the same and go forward in life. Teachers of CBSE School don’t put extra pressure on students to complete the syllabus.

The CBSE School in Kolkata has trained teachers who give children an open environment. They treat all the students equally and preach the same so that students also do not differentiate between each other. The teachers contribute to the emotional and physical growth of the students.


The students learn through various activities, unlike old days when students only had to sit in the classroom and pay attention to the lectures of the teachers. Nowadays, classes are more interactive ones where students can present their viewpoints. Group discussions make students more confident. This also helps students face interviews later on. Subjects like science, geography require practical classes. Bodhi Bhavan, a CBSE affiliated school in South Kolkata arranges practical classes for these subjects, students touch the soil and trees while learning about the same. They get to feel nature from a close distance. Moreover, flashcards, smart boards, and charts are used to explain the concepts. Students are engaged in different activities and games through which they learn techniques of Mathematics and English grammar. Thus, learning becomes interesting.

Syllabus design:

The CBSE syllabus is prepared to grow students’ interest in each subject. The syllabus of higher classes prepares students for different examinations and entrances.

Extracurricular activities:

Each child is unique in his/her way. Bodhi Bhavan understands the requirements of including extracurricular activities in the routine. Physical training, music, dance, elocution, and club classes are students’ favourite. They show their talents in these classes. Teachers also get to know students closely and come to know about their talents. Many children prefer to become musicians, singers, dancers, or athletes. These classes help them discover their inner capacities too. Club classes prepare students for competitions like quizzes, non-flame cooking, etc.

So, before searching for a good school for your child, consider all these points and help your child grow freely.