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A teacher of a CBSE School discussed the importance of appreciation


Parents always choose to do what is best for their children. They make sure that their children are happy, safe, healthy and secured all the time. But parents must not do everything for their children, as in that case, children will not b able to build up the capacity to do things of their own. An experienced teacher of Bodhi Bhavans, a top CBSE School in South Kolkata, says that it is essential to let your children face obstacles and overcome those of their own. If they fail, inspire them to keep trying till they succeed and the time they succeed, do not forget to appreciate them and celebrate their success.

Why is it important to appreciate your child?

When you appreciate and praise your children for their good deeds, they feel special and get inspiration to do better in other aspects of life also. Besides this, children also feel supported, which leads them to keep up their good work and achieve their goals.

It contributes to the child’s self-esteem: When you celebrate your child’s hard-earned success, the self-esteem of your child gets boosted. As a result, the child gains more confidence and performs well no matter which field he/ she opts for.

The child will become optimistic: When you show that you are proud of your child’s deed, the child becomes optimistic, keeping away their negativity, says an experienced teacher of Bodhi Bhavans, a famous CBSE School in Kolkata. This will influence them to make the right decisions in life and will also help them focus on their work.

How to celebrate their hard work?

You are the best person to understand what makes your child happy and keeps him/ her motivated. But, the best teacher of a top CBSE School in South Kolkata says that your children count your words and gestures the most. They learn from that also, so do not overdo when it comes to appreciating and praising them as this can have a negative impact on them. This may make them overconfident, so always keep in mind how you praise and appreciate your children’s success.

[/fusion_text][fusion_checklist icon=”” iconcolor=”” circle=”” circlecolor=”” size=”13px” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””][fusion_li_item icon=””]You can reward your children by saying how proud you are.[/fusion_li_item][fusion_li_item icon=””]You can make delicious food and treat them.[/fusion_li_item][fusion_li_item icon=””]You can take them to some amusement park and let them enjoy themselves.[/fusion_li_item][/fusion_checklist][fusion_text]


Celebrate your children’s success and make them feel how special they are. This will have a huge impact on the child’s mind and will help them do better in life.