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Top 5 tips for building self-esteem in children

As parents and educators, it is our prime responsibility to foster a strong sense of self-esteem among children. Building self-reliance in children will empower them to face the challenges that come their way as they sail through the perils of life. Below, the teachers at the top CBSE school in South Kolkata offer insights on how they help nurture self-esteem in students.

Five ways you can build self-esteem in children

Here, CBSE school teachers have discussed how you can help your child learn this essential life skill.

1. Celebrate achievements

It is important to acknowledge all achievements, both big and small. Recognising their efforts builds a sense of accomplishment and reinforces their positive actions. Encouraging them to work hard and give their best in anything they undertake in life will help them foster self-confidence and strive towards excellence.

2. Nurture a mindset for growth

Help children understand that anything can be achieved through dedication and hard work. Young students must recognise the importance of not focusing too much on the outcomes but rather emphasize on learning something new from their experiences. This instils a growth mindset that fosters resilience and the capacity to withstand challenges.

3. Offer constructive criticism

A person cannot achieve anything without the input of constructive criticism in their lives. Such feedback is essential for growth and helps children understand their mistakes and recognize areas on which to work to improve themselves.

4. Teach coping mechanisms

Equip your child with coping skills that will enable them to handle any situation in life. Teach them stress-management techniques and problem-solving tactics to help them realise the necessity of seeking support in a difficult situation.

5. Lead by example

The best way to teach children important life lessons is to emulate them yourself. Being confident, self-compassionate, and resilient in front of children will help them model and adopt such a healthy attitude in their daily lives.

The process of building confidence is a continuous journey. Fostering the development of self-esteem does not just contribute to personal growth but ensures that your child blooms into a confident and capable adult. Enroll your child at the top CBSE school in South Kolkata, ensuring their all-round development.