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CBSE School Suggests Strategies to Manage Attention Problem

Children frequently have trouble focusing, thus when given a task they perceive it as difficult or challenging and are much more likely to quit before giving it their best as suggested by Bodhi Bhavans, one of the best CBSE schools in South Kolkata. Here are some strategies that may help in extending a child’s attention span and enhancing task outcomes if you find that they frequently drift off during difficult assignments.

The strategies include:

  • Include Physical Activity

Giving short pauses for playing to children with attention issues helps them perform better. By taking a break, the student can enjoy on outside playtimes, or allowing a brief stretching. A tough assignment should be preceded by 15 minutes of play to keep a child interested.

  • Allow for Movement and Breaks

According to an English medium school in Kolkata, giving students the chance to move around benefits those who are struggling with fluctuating attentiveness and mental exertion. At school, for instance, a student may be asked to clear the board, gather papers or notebooks, or deliver a message to the office. Parents may set up frequent breaks at home and have the student switch their work or study locations. Therefore, the student may spend some time studying at the kitchen table or on the living room floor or on the sofa. The student can sense a surge of mental energy each time the place is changed. Additionally, when seated, kids may need to be engaged in different activities. They could draw, or engage in other physical activities that increase their focus and attention.

  • Leverage Interest

When interest is increased, attention is improved. Thus, it is important to encourage children to read, write, and speak about topics that interest them. Additionally, their attention spans increase when knowledge is personally meaningful and interesting to students.

  • Remove Visual and Other Distractions

Chaos in the classroom or home might make it difficult for a child working through a challenging assignment to keep their mind where it needs to be. Eliminate any unnecessary visual images and clutter from the classroom or study place at home. As a result, the student has fewer reasons to divert their attention from the activity as recommended by an English medium school in Kolkata.

An organized auditory environment should be helpful for students who are easily distracted. To reduce noise and distractions from other students, they might require special seats towards the front of the room.

  • Play Memory Games

Children should practise attention using memory games, which will help them focus when something difficult is offered.

  • Adjust Time Frames

By doing so, the task is broken up and the student may continue working without being fully overwhelmed. You can ask the child to come to desk for the inspections whether they have completed their work or not. This gives the child the physical movement they require and allows you to keep an eye on their development as said by a CBSE school in Kolkata.

When a child is utterly uninterested in the subject you want them to concentrate on or finds the job too difficult, it may be quite difficult to hold their attention. The classroom is the place where this is most obvious. Even when a child wants to pay attention, it can be challenging to hold their focus. So, a CBSE School suggests that these strategies can boost their self-esteem, enabling them to achieve the same outcomes as their classmates who do not experience concentration problems.