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Tips to cope with exam stress

Most students feel overwhelmed when exams approach as they have pressure from their parents to perform well, along with competition from their peers. However, constant anxiety and stress can lead to negative results. Hence, to help you cope with exam stress, we have listed below a few tips by teachers from the best CBSE board school in South Kolkata.

How to cope with exam stress?

Set some realistic goals

To score well in your exams, you must set realistic and achievable goals. If you keep unattainable goals on your to-do list, it will make you feel stressed. For instance, do not attempt to complete your entire syllabus within two days. Instead, try to focus on alternative subjects each day to complete the syllabus.

Manage your time

During exams, students can become stressed when they feel that they are behind time in completing their syllabus. To manage their time properly, they must create a proper timetable for each subject at least a month before their exams.

Be kind to yourself

Do not criticize yourself if you are unable to complete one or two things from your to-do list. Instead, appreciate yourself for all the goals that you achieved during the course of the day. This will keep away stress, and you will remain motivated.

Keep things organized

An unorganized or cluttered study area can induce feelings of stress during exams. Hence to regulate their stress, the best teachers from CBSE higher secondary schools in South Kolkata advise students to keep things organized while studying for exams.

Know what to prioritize

Another reason for students to feel stressed is they do not know which subjects they should give more priority to during their exams. For their exam preparation, students must dedicate some time during the first part of the day to prioritize vital subjects like Maths, Science, and Grammar. In the latter half, they can focus on the remaining subjects.

Find time for relaxation

The best way to relieve exam stress is by finding some time to relax. You can schedule a fifteen or thirty minutes break in the morning, afternoon, and evening in your timetable. During this time, do some recreational activities like reading a storybook, listening to music, or writing a journal to keep off some steam.

We have listed the most effective tips by teachers from a CBSE board school in South Kolkata to cope with exam stress. Follow them to keep feelings of anxiety and stress at bay and fare well in your exams.