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The Unconventional Guide To Choose The Best CBSE School

Are you thriving to send your child to the best CBSE School out there in town? It is a board of education that follows the NCERT curriculum. Many schools in India follow this board of education. That is why; CBSE has become one of the most popular education modes.

But what is so special about this board? First of all, it focuses on the holistic approach towards learning which covers almost everything when it comes to knowledge enhancements at each particular level or grade.

Are you one of those parents who feel comfortable in getting their children to study under this syllabus for multiple reasons? But are you aware of the important things to look for while choosing the top CBSE school in South Kolkata?

Look For A School Which Values Multi-Disciplinary Learning System:

Most of the people often fail to realize that CBSE offers a lot of scope for multi-disciplinary learning. Along with studying, a school curriculum also lets a student focus on co-curricular activities. During the initial days of learning, children have enough time to focus on co-curricular activities. These things are what help to make a child identify his/ her real passion. Pursuing different interests often helps to shape up a student’s personality. The best thing is that a student gets enough time to discover what they like. Did you know that most of the top CBSE schools in Kolkata have included work education in grades 9 and 10 where there is much flexibility for the schools to include different programs to interest the students?

Ensure That The School Handles Important Transitions

Once your child gets into grade 9, the serious difficulty and hardship set in. A top-notch CBSE board in South Kolkata starts preparing the students from the 8th grade in a gradual manner. It prepares students in such a way that they are ready for the upcoming struggles. Once a student gets into 9th grade, math, science and social studies become vaster.

Look for the CBSE School which implements such a solid curriculum that fosters lateral thinking. A nurturing and supportive environment helps the children explore their interests and develop their personalities freely.

Apart from choosing a good school, you have some roles to play as a parent. You should work with the school to help their children develop through this transition period. Teaching routines, disciplines, values and a good deal of care and love helps a great deal.