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Importance of learning all subjects in CBSE schools

We all know that education is the key to success. Some of us think that it is unnecessary to teach all the subjects in schools, those are nothing but an extra burden on children. There are many important reasons behind teaching all subjects to children. A childmind can learn and imitate the most. Teachers teach each academic subject with a purpose, says an experienced teacher of Bodhi Bhavans, a reputed CBSE School situated in South Kolkata.

Skills that are aimed to incorporate in children through studies:

  • The value of time and time management
  • Having the power to solve the difficult situation and coping with the same
  • The ability to solve any problem logically
  • Improving the capacity of the brain

Teachers of Bodhi Bhavans, an English medium school in South Kolkata, have initiated new teaching and learning methodologies that will make the studies life-based. In this way, students will learn to implement their knowledge to daily life tasks.


We wake up in the morning with science and go off to sleep with science. Our world revolves around the Sun and science. Science is a vast field of study that includes biology, chemistry, and physics. Science teaches children how things exist and why those are needed to exist. The definitions that children try to memorize sharpen their minds and improve their capacity to store more things in their tiny brains.


There is no way to avoid mathematics in day-to-day life. From calculating the price of products in the market to creating programs on the computer, mathematics is everywhere. This sharpen s the childmind and creates self-confidence, which helps the child grow.


English has been made a compulsory subject as it is the most accepted language of communication globally. Good command in English is very important. It is not only required if you want to pursue your career as a teacher or a journalist, but wherever you go for an interview, the language of communication will be English. It’s an international language.

Second language:

Knowing the mother tongue is very important as children learn the fastest when taught in their mother tongue. That’s the first language that they learn after they are born. We should never forget our roots. This ideology should be injected into our children, says an experienced teacher of an English medium school in South Kolkata.


We should always remember and learn from the past. History is the study of our past. If we do not go through our past, we will repeatedly make the same mistake. As a result, we neither will evolve nor will we be able to advance ourselves. So, history is an important subject.


Is it fair that we don’t know anything about the world we stay in? No, right? Geography is the subject that creates awareness about the world. We should know how our world was created to protect it. If we do not take care of our habitat, we are the ones who will get destroyed. So, knowing geography is also essential, says an experienced teacher of Bodhi Bhavans, a well-known CBSE School in South Kolkata.

Each suject has something to teach to our children. It’s our duty to teach them value all the subjects and make learning an interesting task for them.