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5-Proven Ways to Induce Curiosity in a Child

As parents, have you ever noticed how your children are like tiny detectives, always asking questions and exploring everything around them? This curiosity is not just a phase but a crucial aspect of their development. It’s like the stars in the sky or the bugs in the garden that capture their imagination. According to the […]

5 Study Habits That Can Be Rewarding for a CBSE Student

Studying effectively is crucial for success in CBSE exams. We emphasise the importance of cultivating good study habits at Bodhi Bhavans, a premier CBSE board school in Kolkata. Here are five study habits that can be rewarding for CBSE students: 1. Consistent Time Management Effective time management is critical to academic success. Encourage students to create a study schedule […]

Why Is Parent-Teacher Communication Important?

Parent-teacher communication is a cornerstone in fostering a supportive and enriching educational environment for students. At Bodhi Bhavans, one of the top CBSE Schools in Kolkata, we recognize the significance of solid collaboration between parents and teachers in nurturing the holistic development of every child. Here’s why effective communication between parents and teachers is vital: 1. Building […]