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CBSE school talks about the benefits of coding for your child

Coding is a language used for giving instructions to a computer to perform certain functions. According to a CBSE school, learning coding enables a student to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills and secure their future. Below, we will discuss the benefits of coding for children.

Advantages of learning coding for children

1. Learning advanced skills:

When children learn to code, they also learn advanced mathematical skills to solve problems creatively and logically. It is one of the reasons why students need to learn the basics of coding while they are still young, says the best CBSE school in South Kolkata.

2. Building resilience:

Coding is challenging to master. So, when children first learn coding, they make several mistakes. However, when they keep practicing, they become successful by overcoming these mistakes. Due to this, it allows them to develop an important skill of resilience that teaches them to rise above their failures and be persistent in their efforts to achieve success.

3. Improves creativity:

The top CBSE school in South Kolkata describes coding as a creative activity. Children can have a bright future by learning to code as they can use their coding knowledge to develop apps, websites, and mobile games.

4. Better communication:

Communication is a skill that is important in all spheres of life. With coding, students learn ways to communicate complex thoughts in a simple manner. A coder, therefore, knows how to communicate with a computer. This gives them the advantage of breaking down complex ideas and making them comprehensible.

5. Digital knowledge:

In the age of digital media, children are often engrossed with different technological devices such as smart phones and computers. Sometimes, this strays them away from academics, which makes parents worry about their future. When students learn coding, they gain digital knowledge. This helps them grow their critical thinking abilities that simultaneously make them better in academics.

6. Increases confidence:

Parents of children who learn coding say that it has helped them to increase their confidence. It is due to the fact they learn how to step out of their comfort zone. Moreover, their communication skills improve as they get to interact and collaborate with other children which makes them more confident.

We have discussed the benefits of coding for children. Hence, parents and teachers must prioritize and encourage students to learn coding.