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CBSE school in South Kolkata
CBSE school in South Kolkata

Welcome to Our Website Bodhi Bhavans Collegiate School

best English medium school in Kolkata

Best teacher award 2018

We welcome you all to our institution, BODHI BHAVANS COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, one of the best English medium school in Kolkata. Our mission is to uplift the human values through journey of enlightenment. Just like a seed, when provided with proper sunlight and water, germinates and develops into a strong and fruitful tree, we cultivate proper moral and academic education to help your child build a strong character, which could benefit them and the entire society. We hope to produce citizens who are trained not merely in body and intellect but can also build them as rational human being. Read More…

CHIEF MINISTER meets OUR school students, Greets for good results, students staff & members greet her for delightful performance. || BEST TEACHER 2014. awarded by his excellency SHEKHAR DUTT. Governer of CHHASTRISGRAGH.

Discipline Rules

Prospectus, General Rules And Codes Of Discipline : –

Uniform and Dress : It is compulsory for the pupils to come neatly dressed in full school uniform, including school ties, socks, shoes and school sweater (in winter), as specified by the school, WITH PROPER CONVENTIONAL HAIR-CUT.
Punctual Attendance : Pupil must reach school before the ring of the assembly bell, failing which, they may not be allowed entry.Early departure- Pupils are not allowed to leave the school before the scheduled time for departure, except in cases of unforeseen emergency.In such case of emergency a written request from the guardian is necessary.
Note Books : The school books are to be carried to the school by the pupils everyday, duly checked and counter-signed by the guardians. Read More..

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